Our Core Values


At Jumic group, we respect our clients. We honour our contractual binding agreements. We listen to complaints and ensure we answer all enquiries and questions in relation to the service we deliver. For us, no enquiry can be foolish; it only needs clarification for better working understanding.


At Jumic group, excellence is not just a word; it is a practice our work give credence to. Etched on our work is the mark of excellence. Excellence for us does not just mean delivering project, but delivering it in the most cost effective, qualitative and timely fashion.


Accountability is one of our watch words. We take responsibility for our services. We make use of project resources in the most efficient way to deliver the most efficient excellent projects. We never leave our contract ambiguous and always make efforts to align our service delivery with contract agreement. We honour our agreement.


Jumic group is known to provide leadership to all. We know you require our leadership through the provision of professional advice that makes decision taking about projects easier and less risky. This is why we pay attention to external leadership, but also to internal leadership. We provide leadership for all our employees to deliver the best for you.

Our Vision

To be the preferred Real Estate Company committed to delivering quality, timely and cost effective services.

Our Mission Statement

To be an inventive real estate leader in the business of providing affordable housing and best in class real estate investment solutions that exceeds customer expectations.